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Level Access Showers

Is the ageing population really ready?

Lots has been said in the news and on the television about our ageing population but are we really ready for it?? By 2050 a large percentage of the UK population is going to be considered to be a senior citizen. This has huge significance for the UK economy as well as a social and political impact.  This has many affects but the lasting ones are around the needs and…

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DFG means testing process

DResearch published by the Building Research Establishment (BRE) in 2011 identified four stages within the means testing process: Assess how much the household needs to live on. This is referred to as ‘allowable income’ and is calculated using a set of standard allowances for living costs using basic amounts of income support/pension credit and a flat rate allowance for housing costs. Compare this with their actual income to see if…

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Plumbers Tool Kit

PA plumber will need an array of tools throughout their career. Each instruction will provide unique challenges which may require a particular tool. Below is a list each plumber should carry at all times. Tool box or bag                                                                 Copper tube bender                                                       Screwdrivers – cross and straight headsHammer – claw and clubChisels – wood and brickBasin spannerVarious adjustable spannersAdjustable wrenchesHacksaw – large and juniorWood sawCopper tube pipe cuttersVarious files and a…

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How to Install a Level Access Wetroom

DW Services is pleased to provide a link below to a very comprehensive blog from one of our suppliers, Impey The Wetroom Specialists, on how to install a level access wetroom. When fitting an inclusive showering area, installers are keen to recognise the relevant design elements and understand how they will benefit the user. Specialist manufacturer and founder of the modern-day wetroom Impey takes a closer look at the choices…

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10 Reasons to love Adaptec Mobility

DW Services has been in business since 1982. In this time we have built a reputation based on the following 10 reasons: ReliableProfessionalGreat WorkmanshipPoliteFriendlyTidyKnowledgeableExpertiseMarket leadersPositive thinking :-) Level Access Showers Uxbridge, Level Access Showers Hounslow, Level Access Showers Kingston, Level Access Showers Twickenham, Level Access Showers Weybridge, Level Access Showers Chichester, Level Access Showers Leatherhead, Level Access Showers Aldershot, Level Access Showers Farnborough, Level Access Showers Bracknell

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Do I need assistance when using a Level Access Shower?

This is all very dependent on your individual needs and requirements. Most users of level access showers still have a margin of independence which allows them to use the showering facilities on their own. The level access is to ensure that the users can easy and safely undertake bathroom activities. There is an element of forward-thinking especially when DW Services installs level access showers, for local authorities, to incorporate what…

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Where can my Level Access Shower be installed?

A level access shower can be installed literally anywhere within the home as long as it is practically viable with regards to drainage and ultimately the needs of the user. DW Services have installed level access showers in traditional bathrooms to under stairs cupboards and everything in-between. The job of considering the location of the shower generally falls to the occupational therapist if a local authority instruction or indeed the…

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How long will a Level Access Shower installation take?

This is all dependent on the complexity of the installation. If it is a straight forward refit of an existing bathroom i.e. removal of bath, basin and toilet and replacement with new tiling, etc. it is likely to take 5/6 working days. However, if you wish to remove a bath and install a level access shower only this can take 3 days. On the other hand if it’s more complicated…

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Who completes my Level Access Shower installation?

All bathrooms require lots of care and attention to install and complete to the highest standard, regardless if it requires level access or not. This means that a number of suitable qualified tradesman are needed. To install a typical level access shower the following trades are needed: Plumber – install sanitary ware etc.Electrician – install shower,lights, extraction, pump (if needed) etc.Plasterer – make good walls and ceiling ready for tiling.Tiler…

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Adaptec Mobility meets with Nicholls and Clarke

DW Services has met with Nicholls and Clarke to discuss their continuing working relationship and how both parties can build on many years of success together. Nicholls and Clarke is a leading UK supplier of mobility healthcare products providing most, if not all, products from showers seats to half height shower doors. DW Services has being buying from Nicholls and Clarke for circa 25 years and this meeting was to…

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