PA plumber will need an array of tools throughout their career. Each instruction will provide unique challenges which may require a particular tool. Below is a list each plumber should carry at all times.

  1. Tool box or bag                                                                
  2. Copper tube bender                                                      
  3. Screwdrivers – cross and straight heads
  4. Hammer – claw and club
  5. Chisels – wood and brick
  6. Basin spanner
  7. Various adjustable spanners
  8. Adjustable wrenches
  9. Hacksaw – large and junior
  10. Wood saw
  11. Copper tube pipe cutters
  12. Various files and a rasp
  13. Side cutters and pilers
  14. Tape measure
  15. Plumb bob
  16. Spirit level
  17. Bonding wires
  18. Stopcock key
  19. Blowlamp & spark igniter
  20. Stanley knife


  • Electric/battery drill and bits
  • PPE
  • Tap reseating tools and hole cutters
  • Pressure and flow test kit
  • Pointing trowel
  • Dust sheet
  • Dustpan and brush

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