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Do I need assistance when using a Level Access Shower?

This is all very dependent on your individual needs and requirements. Most users of level access showers still have a margin of independence which allows them to use the showering facilities on their own. The level access is to ensure that the users can easy and safely undertake bathroom activities. There is an element of forward-thinking especially when DW Services installs level access showers, for local authorities, to incorporate what…

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Where can my Level Access Shower be installed?

A level access shower can be installed literally anywhere within the home as long as it is practically viable with regards to drainage and ultimately the needs of the user. DW Services have installed level access showers in traditional bathrooms to under stairs cupboards and everything in-between. The job of considering the location of the shower generally falls to the occupational therapist if a local authority instruction or indeed the…

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How long will a Level Access Shower installation take?

This is all dependent on the complexity of the installation. If it is a straight forward refit of an existing bathroom i.e. removal of bath, basin and toilet and replacement with new tiling, etc. it is likely to take 5/6 working days. However, if you wish to remove a bath and install a level access shower only this can take 3 days. On the other hand if it’s more complicated…

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