There is two routes which can be considered when requiring a level access shower.

  1. You contact a suitable contractor such as, DW Services to provide a quotation and if necessary, a specification of works. Engage directly with the contractor and complete the adaptation privately
  2. If you believe you qualify for a Disability Facilities Grant (DGF), you can contact your local authority which can assist with the ‘means test’ (a test to see if you have the savings etc. to pay for it yourself) and complete an application. If successful, you will be awarded a sum of funds to complete the necessary works and the local authority will either allow you to engage with a contractor on their ‘approved contractor list’ or they will do the entire process for you.

To find out more about the DFG system please visit the government website below

DW Services has 25 years’ experience in dealing with the DFG system and has complete many instructions through the system or like option one, privately.

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