Level Access Showers

Lots has been said in the news and on the television about our ageing population but are we really ready for it??

By 2050 a large percentage of the UK population is going to be considered to be a senior citizen. This has huge significance for the UK economy as well as a social and political impact. 

This has many affects but the lasting ones are around the needs and requirements to this part of the population.Their dependence on the state will ever increase although their ability to contribute to the economic output will naturally decrease over time. This cannot be said for their importance and value added to our society. The UK government has mentioned many times their desire to address this problem however little seems to be done. 

DW Services is committed to assisting this section of our society in adapting their homes for their needs now and for the future. Through continued investment, research & development and technological advancements, DW Services, are well positioned to continue their support and growing market contribution. 

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