level access shower bracknell

This is all very dependent on your individual needs and requirements. Most users of level access showers still have a margin of independence which allows them to use the showering facilities on their own. The level access is to ensure that the users can easy and safely undertake bathroom activities. There is an element of forward-thinking especially when DW Services installs level access showers, for local authorities, to incorporate what the situation for the user will be in month’seven years to come. Is the user’s condition going to worsen and how will this affect their ability to wash and clean themselves? All this is considered at design stage with the user’s best interests in mind.

The design, in most instances, includes half height doors with a shower curtain. This is to allow for the user to be assisted if necessary. They are easily managed and designed to fully retract to not take too much room and be a hindrance to the users of the bathroom and its other sanitary ware.

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