A level access shower can be installed literally anywhere within the home as long as it is practically viable with regards to drainage and ultimately the needs of the user. DW Services have installed level access showers in traditional bathrooms to under stairs cupboards and everything in-between.

The job of considering the location of the shower generally falls to the occupational therapist if a local authority instruction or indeed the design team at DW Services if private. Everything is done to ensure that the final product is the best solution for the user.Obviously there are constraints such as user’s abilities and budget however more often than not the right option is fulfilled.

There has been instances at DW Services whereby a solution exists which enables families to enjoy there bathroom suite whilst the individual in need of assisted showering has a new facility installed in a separate part of the home to keep everybody happy.

If you require assistance with your level access shower and the options available to you, please contact our design team for a no obligation chat. 

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