access ramp

There are so many choices when it comes to access ramps. Most suppliers are now delivering ramps which are light weight,easy to install and movable around the home. The two most popular ramps are the‘briefcase’ portable ramps or permanent modular or brick/concrete built ramps.

The ramp which best fits the requirements will depend on the user and the assistance available to the user.

The main questions are:

1. What mobility device is being used?

2. What is the combined weight of the passenger, device and assistant?

3. Is user independence required?

4. Who will be lifting and deploying the ramp?

5. Are there any additional applications that can be solved within the budget?

6. Consider the future – will the end user’s mobility be improving or declining?

DW Services has years of experience in providing suitable ramps whether portable,modular or brick/concrete so please contact us for further details.