All adaptations are designed and implemented specific for the individual users. However, all adaptations are sympathetic to needs of other members of the household. All bathroom and kitchen installations although supported by accessories for the individual can easy and safely be used as facilities appropriate to all users. 

DW Services through extensive market research and client feedback launched a ‘deluxe’ range of both bathrooms and kitchens. This range goes way beyond the typical specification for an adaptation taking the considerations of all members of the family to provide a luxury facility. Clients and potential private customers have always had concerns around the finished product being to clinical and doctors/hospital like. DW Services have provided the ‘deluxe’ range to address this and make the adaptation a favoured room within the home. All of the specification is carefully constructed to provide the highest quality and luxury available on the market. This includes sanitary ware, tiles, accessories and the required less able fittings. 

Please see our deluxe range page or contact us for further details. 

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