Amongst all the cosmetic elements to your new bathroom which are much more important there are a few points which need to be duly considered when installing a level access shower. These are

  1. Floor Structure. Is the floor where the level access shower being installed either solid (concrete) or made from wood in the form of joists?

If the floor is solid this can have great implications in the installation of the level access shower which could result in the need for a water pump system (please see, Will my new bathroom need a pump? blog). If the bathroom is located on the 1st floor in a traditional brick built UK home the likelihood is it will have a wooden floor. This can be modified to house the shower tray and drainage of the new shower.

  • Drainage. The location of the drainage system for the new level access shower needs to be considered carefully. If the shower is being put when an existing bath or shower is there shouldn’t be many complications. However, if the shower is being retro-fitted in the corner of the bedroom or in a cupboard (DW Services have done many installations in unused cupboards) the drainage will need to be located and a new system designed to allow for a fall on the pipework in accordance with building regulations etc.
  • Ventilation. The appropriate ventilation must be installed in the area where the level access shower is to be installed to meet current building regulations.
  • Waterproofing. The level access shower must ensure that it is fully water tight and can accommodate the flow of water. The use of ‘tanking may be required to provide peace of mind and a quality installation.
  • Tiling. The tiling chosen for either the walls or floor or both must be water resistant and have a non-slip surface. The tile chosen will be considered on weight, budget and maintenance needed.

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