level access shower
  1. Cleaning out traps. Traps from basins, showers and baths collect the soap residue and hair which eventually will cause the discharge of water to slow or even block. Periodic cleaning by disconnecting them and washing thoroughly will prolong the effective use of the appliance.
  • 2. Cleaning out the overflows of the appliances. By using a good, stiff wire brush and rinsing thoroughly will ensure these are kept free of blockages.
  • 3. Checking access covers. Every 6 month these covers should be removed, cleaned and tested. Ensure bolts are free of rust, the rubber seals are not perishing and apply silicone grease to bolts.
  • 4. All pipework. Undertake a thorough inspection of all pipework. This will include checking for leakages ensuring all clips and fittings are in good working order.
  • 5. WC cisterns. Check the overflows on cisterns are working correctly, adjust the water levels and ensure correct operation.

DW Services provide continued maintenance to all completed works and we happy to assist if additional works are required.

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