Level Access Showers

 TA plumber should have the following skills

  1. The supply and distribution of hot and cold water for drinking purposes, sanitation, heating and firefighting etc. The connection of associated equipment and controls.
  2. The removal of water from the building via a suitable system of drainage, to include foul water from soil and waste appliances and surface water from the roofs and paved areas.
  3. Consider the installation of energy conservation systems, to include solar power and water recovery systems.
  4. The weathering of roof penetrations, etc. in metallic sheet materials.
  5. The supply and provision of fuels, including gas, oil, solid fuel and electricity, to various appliances and components, such as those for heating or cooking and the provision of such ventilation as is necessary for combustion.
  6. The removal of the combustion products from appliances by the way of a safe and effective flue system.
  7.  Designing and estimating the cost of any of the above installations, in a domestic situation, giving efficient and effective usage.
  8. The knowledge to identify, rectify and service any of the said installations.

All works undertaken by DW Services are provided by suitably qualified, experienced contractors with all the skills necessary to complete any instruction to the highest standard.

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