level access showers

BBaths are manufactured in many various styles and designs.

  • Standard Baths. The rectangle shape with a bath panel. Found in most bathrooms.
  • Corner Baths. Fitted in the corner of a bathroom.
  • Offset corner baths. You could say a split between a standard and corner bath.
  • Freestanding baths. Supported by feet and usually not fitted against a wall. Available in both left and right-handed styles/design.
  • Double-ended baths. Same as a standard bath but the taps are centred to allow two people to use the bath.
  • Tapered bath. Designed to maximise space when it is limited. One end of the bath tapers off to increase floor space in the bathroom.
  • Shower/Baths. Generally speaking a rectangle bath with shower above at the end usually the same as taps.
  • Spa baths and whirlpools. There are many to choose from – jetted baths, hydro pools, hydro-spa and air-spa.
  • Baths for the disabled and senior citizen. These include baths with doors to allow for easy access or chairlifts to lower the user in and out of the bath.

DW Services specialise in the installation of baths for the senior citizen and disabled. If you feel that a bath is not going to be practical in the future you may wish to consider a level access shower from our luxury range. Feel free to contact to discuss your requirements.

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