WThere are many different styles of wash basins, in different sizes and tap arrangements. The industry standard is for basins to be installed 800mm from the floor to the lip of the basin.

There are 4 common basin styles/design

  1. Wall hung wash basin. This type of basin is fixed to the wall by brackets or bolted directly to the wall. The wall must be strong enough to mount the basin.
  2. Pedestal wash basin. There are full pedestal basins which allows the basin to sit on the pedestal as added support and semi pedestal which are purely to hide all associated pipework for the basin.
  3. Counter-Top wash basin
  4. Countertop style – known as inset basin
  5. Semi countertop – known as a semi-recessed basin
  6. Under countertop – this basin is mounted under the counter
  7. Vessel wash basin. Sits directly on top of a counter or cabinet.

The wash basin you install is very much down to personal preference as well as its suitability to your needs. DW Services can supply and fit a variety of all basins mentioned above.

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