WWC stands for ‘water closet’ but most common term is toilet. WCs can be manufactured in five main styles.

  1. Close-coupled. The WC pan is designed to have the cistern bolted to the back of the pan to form one unit.
  2. Low level. The cistern is connected to the WC pan by a short flush pipe to convey the water from the cistern to the WC pan.
  3. High level. Similar to the low level type but the flush pipe is much longer and the cistern is at a high level. Usually used when designing period bathroom suites.
  4. Back to wall/concealed. This style is becoming more popular due to the fact that the cistern is concealed in a cabinet or behind a panel. The WC pan sits close to the cabinet or panel.
  5. Wall hung. The gives the effect of space as the WC pan is hung to the wall and is completely free off the floor.

DW Services can supply and fit any of the above styles. In addition, DW Services also supply and fit showering toilets which are designed for disabled and senior citizens.

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