The 10 most common plumbing problems:

  1. Dripping tap. Main cause is a faulty washer, which fails to close off the water.
  2. Blocked sink. A build-up of grime and debris within the trap is usually the problem.
  3. Water flowing from an overflow pipe. A result of water not closing off fully as it enters the WC or storage cistern located in the roof space.
  4. WC will not flush. The most common cause of this problem is the large diaphragm washer being worn out.
  5. Blocked toilet. The outlet usually becomes blocked due to excessive paper or inappropriate items being flushed.
  6. Banging/noisy pipework. This could be due to the pressure being too high or insufficient room for the pipes to expand.
  7. Water supply won’t turn off. Fittings sometimes don’t get used for a long time and seize up.
  8. Body of tap leaking water. Happens when the fitting is in use and is usually the part of the tap that allows the spindle or head to turn.
  9. Water coming from ceiling, pipe or appliance. There is a leak which needs attention. First turn off the main water supply and then attend to the problem.
  10. How water will not come on. Likely to be an electrical fault which will require the attention of a specialist contractor.

DW Services undertake all plumbing works with appropriately qualified and experienced plumbers, as we do with all our work, whether it be plumbing, electrical, plastering or carpentry.

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