level access shower

Generally speaking, most level access showers, whether for a private client or local authority are installed with a shower seat. The seat which is made of galvanised metal with a coated paint comes in two sizes. There is the 2000 and 4000 model, both come with two pull down armrests which are padded along with the bottom and back.

There are several other types of shower seats on the market, however DW Services only install fully accredited, approved seats from suppliers such as, AKW and Impey. In addition to the two models above, on occasion due to client requirements, DW Services, will install a ‘horseshoe’ version. This has a section removed from the bottom to allow for easy cleaning etc.

The shower seat is installed in the showering area. It must be fixed to a solid wall or if on a partition wall the area where the seat is attached must be reinforced with a hardwood support to take the weight of the user without comprising the integrity of the wall. Once the showering area is fully tiled the seat can be installed. The showering seat is fixed to the wall and folds down into position with the help of supporting legs which come with rubber feet to avoid damaging the altro-safety flooring or tiled floor. When not in use the seat folds back to the wall out the way to allow the household to use the shower safely and effectively.

DW Services have been installing level access showers and other disabled products for many years with a large client’s base of satisfied customers. To find out how we can help you, please contact us.

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