It is vitally important that the level access shower you install is designed with all your needs as the main focus. It is all well and good having a lovely bathroom which looks all new and shiny but if it does not cater for your needs now and in the future, it will not have achieved the desired, correct outcomes.

The design of the level access shower must account for all the requirements set out in the brief which should ideally be done by an occupational therapist with the assistance of the client or indeed by a suitably qualified, experienced surveyor. 

A specification will be drawn up based fully around the needs of the individual not only now but in the future. In many circumstances the individuals condition or simple old age can affect all aspects of life, especially that of bathroom activities. 

DW Services has a team of qualified surveyors who undertake all inspection before, during and after completion of works to ensure the highest standard. When necessary, these surveyors work closely with all departments in local authorities to implement the specification.

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