A level access shower is a bathroom where the entire floor is one level, absent of any steps and edges. However, the area where the shower is located has a gentle slope towards the gulley/drain which takes the excess water when showering. It is design primarily for the disabled and senior citizens to ensure they enjoy a shower safely. It is becoming a design statement too for people looking for the clean line, easy to maintain,luxury bathroom suite.

A level access shower can be installed in an existing bathroom or indeed in any area within the home. Due to the design and the installation process, space can be limited but still adequate to provide a suitable showering area for the user.

Level access showers are design to be fully water tight and all installations are tested and provided to recognised industry standards to ensure complete client satisfaction.  DW Services has been installing level access showers/level access showers for over 25 years with hundreds of installations for local authorities and private clients.

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