level access shower

Any level access shower which is installed will first have to consider the drainage available and how to access that drainage. In most instances, the shower is installed where the old bathroom suite was which will have connections to the existing drainage system. If this is the case and the bathroom is on the first floor or above the need for a pump is usually unnecessary. However, if the bathroom is on the ground floor or in a block of flats where the construction is solid concrete floors there may be a need for a pump.

A pump will increase the cost of the installation of the level access shower as it requires additional plumbing, the help of any electrician and ongoing maintenance.

DW Services have installed hundreds of level access showers requiring a pump and although there is additional work and cost the finished product delivered is exactly the same. Where possible the site for the pump is discrete and installation designed with minimal fuss. This all adds to the perfect new bathroom you require to enjoy showering unencumbered. 

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