What’s the difference is many peoples question? The answer is one huge important factor. A level access shower provides a showering facility with one floor level throughout providing a safe environment to shower with all the appropriate, supporting equipment such as, a shower seat, hand rails and half height doors to allow for assisted care when showering. A shallow shower tray can accommodate the shower seat and hand rails of course, however it does have a step to enter and exit the showering area.This is the single most important difference which separates the two options.

The most common incident with disabled or senior citizens is trips and falls. The added difficultly when water is added to mix makes showering a potentially dangerous place. Therefore, removing as many hazards as possible the level access route wins hands down.

DW Services has installed hundreds of level access showers for many satisfied local authority clients (please see our approved contractor list) and hold the knowledge, experience and ability to put the client first when installing the facility specifically for said client.

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